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These are excerpts from a 2000 study by BCIT, sponsored by the Workers Compensation Board of British Columbia:

Excert from Page 1, 2000 BCIT/WCB study:

“The home care workers responded positively to the installation, ease of use, and maintenance of the Transfer Walking Belt used in the study. The most prevalent comments were that it is easy to use (especially due to the buckle mechanism, and the loops/handles), easy to wash, is made of comfortable and effective fabric, was easily adjustable, and would be easy to transport. This was one of the few devices in the study where subjects referred to it as a ‘perfect design, or best design seen’. Of the 32 responses to this question, 31 were positive.”

Excerpt from Page 12 (3.3 - Client Transfer Devices), 2000 BCIT/WCB study:

“The transfer walking belt is 10 cm wide and of varying lengths, has three handles of varying orientation and size on each side, and has a quick release buckle so the belt can be fastened around the client. It is made from a high-strength webbing material on the outside with a cotton liner on the inside and it is padded for client comfort.”

Excerpt from Page 14 (3.5 - Transfer Methods), 2000 BCIT/WCB study:

“At the beginning of the study three senior level professionals, each of whom trains home health care workers to do lifts and transfers, were consulted regarding the transfer methods to be used in the study. Interestingly, each of the professionals showed our study team different methods of transferring persons in and out of a bathtub. The methods for assisting persons on and off the toilet were similar across the three professionals.
“The study team chose to use the safest of the transfers demonstrated to ensure the safety of both the participant and the person simulating the client.”